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“Papito Sur 4” Biography BIO – Papito Sur 4 Latin Artist “Papito Sur 4,” Juan Morales, AKA “Papito” is “La Cara Nueva de la Salsa” [The New Face of Salsa]. The “new” is meaningful in more ways than one, with his image, fusion of Urban Salsa music, and unparalleled connection with today’s generation. Papito’s style can possibly be described as a mash-up between his hometown’s gentrification [Williamsburg, Brooklyn] and his Hispanic heritage influences. Whether you see Papito with a bad-boy frown, an irresistible grin, or all-out smile, -he’s likely to get your attention… and surely saturate your ears with a sweet, dynamic, and percussion-full Urban Salsa sound. A YouTube video response comment encapsulates this, “This video is pretty cool and the song is actually great, lyrics and music are very engaging. And this guy, Papito has a cool ‘Artist of the barrio who is just as comfortable walking around Chelsea as he would in Brooklyn’ vibe going on.” An undeniably present-day acculturated hip Latin young guy, speaks both English and Spanish, is in sync with American and Latin cultures, sports tattoos, cool haircuts, and has a big ambition to continue producing and performing music that connects with today’s generation. And connecting with people comes somewhat natural. Papito is representative in how Latinos over-index in use of social media with an insatiable appetite of its use, always engaging with his fans via Twitter and Facebook. “I follow my dream not the competition,” Papito humbly stated in a recent interview. As son to a “Salsero,” it is second nature for him to follow in his father’s foot steps. The most recent music releases are: “Mi Unico Amor,” [My Only Love] “Una Calle Me Separa,” [One Street Separates Me] and “Ese Soy Yo,” [That’s who I am] which is accompanied by his first music video that has quickly garnered thousands of video views, shares and reposts: YouTube Video link: Summer 2011 proved to be the beginning of a market-place that has room for fresh Latin Artists, and his performances included the Bronx Walk Summer Festival, Salud Bar & Lounge, New Village Music Festival, Carnival De Loiza Aldea, Fieston Latino, LeFeu, Carnaval del Barrio, SBK Talent Showcase, and AT&T’s 116th Street Festival. Papito’s performance stages have been shared with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Tito Puente, jr., Toby Love, Raulin Rosendo, Huey Dunbar, Tito Rojas, Conjuto Classico, Tego Calderon, Johnny Rivera, and George Lamond, to name a few. Adding more buzz to his career has been the live performances with “The Sound of New York” –A musical collaboration with other Latin artists which boasts a live band of top tier musicians. The collaboration is the brainchild of music composer Miguel Bonilla (DeeGee Works), who began his career as Mark Anthony’s piano player, and whose resume includes productions with La India, Elvis Crespo, Ricardo Arjona, Victor Manuelle, Huey Dunbar, and Don Omar. As of late, two very honorable and notable performance opportunities, were headlining the Hispanic Heritage & Tribute to the Troops concert for the United States Army’s Fort Hamilton Base (of which an earlier performance was headlined by NE-YO), and gracing fans at the legendary Copacabana stage –to which the floor scene was full of fans with mobile phones in hand capturing live video of an emerging artist. Recent media coverage includes, Urban Latino Radio, LaFiesta 98.5, LaMega, 97.9FM –Live performance broadcast from the Copacabana, and Acceso Total -New York, WNJU-TV, 41, ZoomYork, El Especialito, Esp51TV, Pasaje Latino and numerous music, culture and trend blogs. Papito’s current and longtime influencers include, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Hector Lavoe, Tito Rojas, El Gran Combo, Frankie Ruiz, and Ismael Miranda. If Papito’s neckline tattoo is any indication of what’s to come, it’s an indelible scripted mark, his musical commitment, which reads “Pa’ Encima!” A Spanish slang that bears a connotation of much oomph, and translates to ‘I’m going for it’ and moving forward ‘to the top!’

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